Gear List for a Spring Brown Bear Hunt

Suggested gear for a typical 10 day Spring Brown Bear Hunt in Alaska:

❏ Rifle
❏ Shells *we recommend that you take 2 boxes
❏ Sling

❏ Bow
❏ Arrows *we recommend that you take 1 doz.
❏ Broadheads
❏ Release *an extra release is recommended
❏ Sight
❏ Rangefinder
❏ Bow Sling

❏ Underwear *a pair for each day*waterproof
❏ Raingear
❏ 2-3 pairs Gloves “I took a pair of light gloves, wool gloves and Kast Steelhead Gloves
❏ Cap
❏ Beanie
❏ Neck Gaiter or Balaclava

❏ Socks *both midweight and heavywieght (a pair for each day)
❏ Hunting Boots *insulated
❏ Gaiters
❏ Camp Shoes

❏ Binoculars
❏ Bino Harness
❏ Backpack *a medium-sized backpack will be all you need on your brown bear hunt
❏ Water Bladder (2L)
❏ Sleeping Pad
❏ Sleeping Bag

❏ Large Dry-Bag *for transporting bear hide and skull.
❏ Street Clothes *I took only the clothes I wore getting there and one extra shirt
❏ Flashlight and/or Headlamp
❏ Thermacell or Insect Repellent
❏ Book, magazine and/or ipod
❏ Knife
❏ Multi-Tool
❏ Sunglasses
❏ Camera
❏ Video Camera and/or GoPro
❏ Lens Cloth *for cleaning optics
❏ Extra Batteries
❏ Game Bags
❏ Survival Kit with an Emergency Blanket
❏ Fire Starter Kit *having a few different ways to start a fire is always a good idea
❏ Personal Items *toothbrush; toothpaste; dental floss; small liquid soap; chapstick; small washcloth; deodorant; sunscreen; baby wipes; prescription medication; glasses or contacts; Advil or aspirin; nail clippers; disposable razor; multi-vitamins

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A spring brown bear hunt in Alaska takes place in May when the weather can range widely from rain, sleet, snow and wind to warm and sunny. Packing accordingly can be a challenge, so a good layering system like Kryptek, Kuiu, or Sitka Gear is the way to go.

Here is a Spring brown bear hunt gear list that I put together from my brown bear hunt in May, 2012.” ~ Cory Glauner – Outdoors International

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