Antelope Hunting Gear List (archery)

Archery antelope hunting gear list for hunting from a blind, or spot-and-stalk.

❏ Bow
❏ Arrows *we recommend that you take 1 doz.
❏ Broadheads
❏ Release *an extra release is recommended
❏ Sight
❏ Rangefinder
❏ Ground Blind *if unguided
❏ Folding Chair *if unguided
❏ Bow Holder

❏ 2 pair Underwear
❏ Lightweight Camo Pants
❏ Lightweight Camo Shirt
❏ Lightweight Camo Jacket
❏ Lightweight Rain Gear
❏ Lightweight Gloves
❏ Cap
❏ Beanie
❏ Shorts *for hot days in the blind
❏ Black shirt
❏ Black mask or facepaint

❏ Lightweight, Non-Insulated Hunting Boots
❏ 4 pair Light Socks
❏ Camp Shoes *more comfortable in the blind than boots

❏ Binoculars
❏ Bino Harness
❏ Spotting Scope
❏ Tripod
❏ Backpack
❏ Water Bladder (2L)
❏ Sleeping Pad
❏ Sleeping Bag

❏ Flashlight and/or Headlamp
❏ Scent elimination spray
❏ Thermacell or Insect Repellent
❏ Book, magazine and/or ipod
❏ Knife
❏ Multi-Tool
❏ Sunglasses
❏ Camera
❏ Video Camera and/or GoPro
❏ Lens Cloth *for cleaning optics
❏ Extra Batteries
❏ Game Bags
❏ Personal Items *toothbrush; toothpaste; dental floss; small liquid soap; chapstick; small washcloth; deodorant; sunscreen; baby wipes; prescription medication; glasses or contacts; Advil or aspirin; nail clippers; disposable razor; multi-vitamins

❏ Tent / Bivy
❏ 5 gal. Collapsible Water Container
❏ Pot
❏ Bowl
❏ Eating Utensils
❏ Lighter
❏ Large Fuel Container
❏ Camp Stove
❏ Lantern
❏ Food
❏ Paper Towels
❏ TP/Wet Wipes
❏ Ziplock Bags
❏ Garbage Bags
❏ Caping Salt
❏ Topo Maps
❏ First Aid Kit

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Your typical archery antelope hunt is in late August through September from a blind on a waterhole. The hotter and drier the weather, the better. If you are doing a spot-and-stalk antelope hunt, the gear would basically be the same, but DEFINITELY add knee pads! Below is an archery antelope hunting gear list that we have put together for you.

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